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Aluminium Blister Foils

Plain aluminium foils and printed aluminium foils are used in the pharma industries as primary packaging for packing tablets and capsule. This film acts as a barrier to contamination and provides protective properties.

Hard aluminum foils is the push through lidding material that is most widely used in Europe. The foil usually has a thickness of about 25 micron. However this may in time be reduced to 15 micron. The hardness of the aluminum facilitates push through opening. Usually only the print-primer side features a printed design, but occasionally the side with the heat-sealing lacquer can also be printed. A double coat of heat-sealing lacquer (a heat sealing primer and the actual heat-sealing lacquer) has become the standard for lidding materials.

The heat-sealing primer ensures optimum adhesion of the heat-sealing lacquer to the aluminum foil. Then the heat-sealing lacquer can be perfectly matched to the formed films. If the heat sealing primers are colored then the heat-sealing lacquer applied over the primer can protect the packaged product from coming into contact with the pigments. If additional printing is required on the side of the heat sealing lacquer, the only alternative is to apply two coats of the lacquer. This is necessary because the printing inks must be between the heat-sealing primer and the actual heat-sealing lacquer. 

Foil Composition
Al.Foil Thickness (mm) 0.025 0.02
Tolerance (mm) +/- 8 % of al foil  
Density (GSM/CC) 2.71 2.71
Al.Foil Wt (GSM) 68 54
Pin Hole In Al.Foil
(NO/SQM) Max
8-12 12-15
Al.Foil Surface Matt / Bright  
Temper Hard Temper  
Primer (GSM) Max 0.25  
Heat Seal Lacquer 3-5 GSM (Standard)  
  6-8 GSM (Special)  

Printing Properties 
Colour 1-5 Colour as Per Design Prc on Both Side
Ink Adhesion To Pass Scotch Test
Printing Surface Non HSL Side
Registration +/- 0.025mm
Other Properties Resistance to Water, Heat, Abrasion

Operating Condition 
Temperature o C 190 o C - 200 o C
Pressure 2.81-5.63 KG/SQ.CM
Dwell Time 0.25 TO 0.5 SEC

Aluminium Blister Foils
Aluminium Blister Foils
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