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Aluminium Pharma Foils

Our aluminum foils are soft in reel form, one side laminated with film, and other side printing primer coated. These foils can be printed to customers' requirement or un-printed. It is used for strip packing of tablets and capsules.


Foil Composition 
Al.Foil Thickness (mm) 0.04 0.03
Tolerance (mm) + 8% of Al. Foil Thickness  
Density 2.71 2.71
Al.Foil Weight (GSM) 108 81
Pin Hole in Al.Foil
(No./ SQM) Max
0 2
Al.Foil Surface Matt / Bright  
Temper Hard  
Primer 0.25  

Poly Composition 
Bursting Strength (Kg/Sqcm) Min 2.9 2.4
Bond Strength 150 G / 15 MM  

Printing Properties
Colour 1-5 Colour On Both Side
Ink Adhesion To Pass Scotch Test
Printing Surface Non Ldpe Side
Rigistration 0.25 MM
Other Properties Resisitance To Ater, Heat, Abrasion

Operating Conditions
Temperature oC 140o- C - 170o C
Dwell Time 0.5 Sec / 2 Sec (Min)

Aluminium Pharma Foils
Aluminium Pharma Foils
Aluminium Pharma Foils
Aluminium Pharma Foils
Aluminium Pharma Foils
Aluminium Pharma Foils
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